Technological solutions for fishery and aquaculture products

Whitening and antioxidants agents

They inhibit oxidative processes appearing after fishing and avoid unwanted coloration, keeping all the natural characteristics from the original product.

Moisture retainers

They increase the moisture retention of the proteins and avoid the dehydration occurred in post-fishing production processes. They can be used by immersion or injection and can have texturizing or softening functions.

We have preparations with and without carbonates or phosphates and our latest developed line NOC-NOF, preparations free of carbonates and phosphates.

Food preservatives

They keep the freshness of sea and aquaculture products, without modifying their natural characteristics and guaranteeing the innocuity of the product.


They prevent the blackening of the cephalothorax of crustaceans through an effective inhibitory action on the enzymes and chemicals processes involved. We have sulphite and sulphite-free alternatives, which preserve the natural colour and flavour of crustaceans.

Glazing agents and cryoprotectants

They stabilize the moisture and the natural colour of the sea and aquaculture products, creating a thin protective film around the frozen product. This film prevents dehydration, oxidation and freezer burn, as well as providing elasticity to the ice and preventing its breakage and frost formation.

Food colorants for fishery products and other food sectors

Natural colorants

They are derived from agricultural, biological or mineral sources. They are obtained by extraction and isolated processes. One of the benefits is that they are made from sustainable raw materials such as: black carrots, red cabbage, beets, grapes, turmeric, alfalfa, paprika and others.

Nature-identical dyes are colors that are completely similar to those found in other ingredients in nature. They have been produced by synthesis. In our portfolio we can find Beta-Carotene, Apocarotenal and Lycopene.


Coloring foods

They are produced from concentrates of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and algae. Only physical processes are used in our manufacturing; free of synthetic additives or organic solvents. Due to the increasing consumer demand for “clean labeling” free of colorants, our LINICOL® food colorants offer the perfect solution and a wide range of shades.

Nutritional coloring foods

Nutritional coloring foods based on a dehydration and milling process; specially designed for the production of creams, purees, gazpachos, paste, baby food, vegetarian and vegan foods, spices, bakery, instant soups, fruit/vegetable juices, jams, ready meals, food, dietary or vitamin supplements, ice creams, yogurts, sorbets, fried tomato, sauces, preserves, and many more.

Vitamins and premixes

Vitamins are heterogeneous compounds essential for life, since when ingested in a balanced way and in essential doses they promote the correct physiological functioning. Most of the essential vitamins cannot be manufactured by the body, so the body can only obtain them through the balanced intake of natural foods that contain them.

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Gluten free mixes and improvers for bakery, confectionery and precooked food products

Gluten-free improvers

Perfectly balanced blends that work like gluten, providing workability and strength in baking and confectionery.

Complete ready-to-use formulas

Crunchy breading flours with low oil absorption, breading agents, flour coatings, etc.

Tailor-made developments by request

We develop solutions that adapt to your processes and markets.

Additives for fruit and vegetables in the IV gama


They prevent enzymatic browning reactions that take place in cut fruits and vegetables, ready to be consumed.

Food preservatives

They extend the shelf life of the food, maintaining the natural properties and freshness when the product is packaged.